Illness Led to Blessing

Editor, News-Register:

I know of angels because of you, the Ohio Valley, my friends, my family, all associates, and many of the business aquaintances who have always lovingly shared in all the good times and all the bad times in my lifetime.

I, like many of you, have had numerous hardships as the years keep going, but it seems to me that after each one, something wonderful has appeared. I have received bushes, trees, and flowers, all of which are planted somewhere on my landscapeI watch them grow and their beauty reminds me of you and your kindnesses.

Growing up on farms in the local area, we were taught to rely on ourselves; to give is better than to receive; and we made a practice of not asking for help in all the minor problems that just naturally occur in the process of life. The teachings have served me well.

A couple of years ago, I had a bout with cancer. After surgery, I lost my voice for three months and have never regained a singing voice, which is what I did prior to the surgery.

Now, the beautiful part. At the urging of friends, (Shirley Kemp and Castleman’s Run Methodist Church family) to write a little childrens’ book, I am now able to do something that has touched my heart more than any other thing in my life!!

The hospitals have opened their door to me and the little book. I read and spend some time with these children, and guess what? I am the one who keeps getting blessed!!

Soooooo, none of this would have been possible without the support of many, many loyal Ohio Valley citizens. I sincerely thank the following businesses for providing the extra assistance in reading and donating books to the children of the local area. Your goodness abounds and you are deserving of the most sincerest praises: Bleifus Tire and Battery, Chuck’s Vacuum, the Children of Castleman’s Run United Methodist Church, Bethany Strothers Moore’s State Farm Insurance, R & V Embroidery, Figaretti’s Restaurant, Bethani’s Bouquets, River Road Mini Storage, Lee and June Paull, Red Jones Auto Mart, A Journey Within, Bethany Pike Car Wash, TJ’s Pre-owned Cars, Dr. Gary DeGuzman, G. Michael Fahey, and Sandy.

“A child’s laughter is full of truth from a heart that’s wide open.” – Nancy Watson Dodrill

JoAnn Davis

Valley Grove