It’s Time to Stop Spying

Editor, News-Register

On June 10, 2013 the Intelligencer ran an editorial calling for an investigation into the collection of phone records by the Obama administration, using words such as “frightening” and “Big Brotherism.” It then states the members of Congress should be “furious,” “launch an investigation of the outrage” and “how to stop it from occurring again.”

Contrast this opinion with their editorial of May 16, 2006 when the Bush regime was caught doing the same thing. That editorial characterizes anyone upset by this action as having a “Sept. 10 mindset” and the outrage as mere “anti-Bush spin.” It goes on to claim the wire tapping is necessary to protect us from terrorism.

The time to stop this was 2006 but our “watchdog” had his head buried in a groundhog hole.

So editors, is your calendar still stuck on Nov. 4, 2008?

David A. Becker