Road, Bridge Work Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

So, today I had to drive through downtown Wheeling coming from Warwood. It was an absolute atrocity. There was utility work being done on River Road, and then the disaster that is the beginning of downtown Wheeling. First, the Fort Henry bridge has one lane on each side completely shut down, yet I have not seen one crew person working on it for at least a week and a half (I drive by or through daily, mornings, evenings and sometimes nights). The on ramp to go toward I-70 West is shut down coming from North Wheeling, so you have to go through the beginning of downtown Wheeling to go over the tunnels to get onto I-70W.

Well, now some imbecile in the Wheeling Engineering Department thinks it is a genius idea to shut down half of the Suspension Bridge, stopping all traffic coming in from North Wheeling (and traffic trying to go through I-70W). Instead of shutting the whole Suspension Bridge down, they are stopping all traffic through downtown to allow vehicles over the suspension bridge, regardless of time or not. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it weren’t for the fact that the road crew is not allowing vehicles to move for police cars with their lights and sirens on and ambulances trying to get injured people rushed to the hospital (which was the situation shortly after 9 a.m. this morning). Also, Route 2 is shut down as well.

I think something needs to be done or rethought by the engineers who decided that this is was a good idea. This may cost someone his or her life because the city of Wheeling decides to do this moronic road work all at once instead of actually finishing a project and then moving on to the next, which would probably run a lot smoother for them because they could shut down a whole road and traffic can be redirected another way instead of everything being done at once and chaos ensuing.

Kady Huinker