Spying by Obama, Bush Differ Greatly

Editor, News-Register:

In response to a recent letter from David A. Becker, let’s get the facts straight. You claim G.W. Bush’s spying on Americans to counter terrorism is similar to Barack Obama’s. That’s not accurate. Bush’s espionage was limited to calls going into and out of terrorist nations like Afghanistan and Pakistan and maybe others. They wanted to follow the trails of the phone calls to see if any terrorism was the topic.

Racial profiling? Yes, and the liberals raised all kinds of heck. They complained and complained. Fast forward to today: Obams is monitoring basically every citizen of the U.S.A. – even between me and my mom – and your mother and her church friends.

There is a huge difference. Given how the state of politics is nowadays, maybe they want to find out those who disagree with them politically and have them punished, like the IRS has been doing to conservative groups.

An enemies list: This is what Russia does, China does, Cuba does and Iran does. Target your political enemies and punish them. Is this happening? I don’t know, but it has been in the IRS.

George W. Bush honestly targeted those who were considered a threat. Obama targets all Americans. If you can’t see that difference, then you are blind.

Surveillance is good; no one doubts that – except you did when Bush did it. Now you think it’s OK to just spy on everyone.

The government needs to stay out of my business until they have reasonable cause to think I’m a threat. This administration just thinks conservatives are a threat.

Guess I’d better start preparing for a severe audit from the IRS. I’m sure this has been spied upon.

Tom Standiford

New Martinsville