Why Is Slamming Catholics OK?

Editor, News-Register:

Obviously from this newspaper’s Online Poll, 56 percent of respondents must support slanderous, obnoxious comments about Notre Dame and Catholics.

For those not familiar with this latest attack on Catholicism, Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee, in speaking before the University’s Athletic Council, made derogatory comments about leaders of Notre Dame and toward Catholics in particular. He stated that Notre Dame was not invited into the Big Ten because its leaders were not “good partners” and that “these damned Catholics” can’t be trusted. He went on to state that Roman Catholic priests were “holy hell” on days other than Sunday.

Despite these public comments, a large majority of your readers don’t feel this prejudiced individual, a president of an Ohio university, should resign.

But what if Mr. Gee had made these same statements about an educational institute governed by blacks? Or Hispanics? Or gays? Or what about Muslims? What would the outcry be then? How long would he be in that prestigious position?

But let’s face it. It safe to ridicule Catholics. Or for that matter, Evangelicals. After all, we don’t organize loud or destructive protests. And safest of all, we don’t call for his assassination.

Philippa Shores