All Racism Is Offensive

Editor, News-Register:

The column by Kathleen Parker on July 7, “Cracker nowhere near offensive as the N-word,” has me writing this letter in response. Racism is racism. One cannot be more racist or less racist – you either are or you’re not. One is not worse or more offensive than the other. That is a ridiculous claim to make and shows ignorance of the true meaning of racism.

Some 45 years ago I was playing with friends of various ethnic backgrounds and I found myself surrounded by some older African-American boys who were teasing me and calling me a “chubby caucasian.” Now I knew what chubby was but I had never heard the word caucasian, but to this day I remember quite well the feelings of racism and hurt directed toward me.

Racism can come in many forms and many words, but all are equally offensive.

Arthur E. Kerns