Fair Complaints Aired

Editor, News-Register:

The other day my mother and I went to the Marshall County Fair to see the FFA and 4-H exhibits, but when we got to the building it was still locked.

I went to the fairgrounds office and asked them why. They told me that the volunteers didn’t show up. We waited from 10 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. and still no one showed up.

As I see it why doesn’t the fair board have a backup plan? Back when I was younger we had great fairs and a lot bigger, too. Now all they have is a little carnival and nothing much there either. It is something else. Why have a county fair if you’re going to be tightwads about it?

Some of you don’t even know what a fair is about. It’s really simple: You just make the effort to make everybody happy so that they can have fun and really enjoy themselves more. And pave the road to make it easier for older people to walk around.

Clarence C. Meyer