Freedom of the Press Is Double-Edged Sword

Editor, News-Register:

The Saturday, June 22 editorial, “Tackle Tough Labor Issues” illustrates that freedom of the press is a double-edged sword. The Wheeling News-Register is free to print as fact a one-sided view that ignores the many things that organized labor has achieved, not only for its own members, but for all working Americans. When you champion “right to work,” you give no facts about the lower wages, decreased safety standards, and lower standards of living in those states that have adopted this pro-owner corporate mantra that basically gives all job related decisions to the company, while allowing no voice for the worker.

The prevailing wage is a very simple thing. It tells every bidder on a project that he does not have the right to undermine wages that have been proven to be paid for similar work in that area. That is what it was meant to do – that is all it does. Government funding should not undermine local wages.

If the Wheeling News-Register is successful in the extreme, then lacking unions to offset corporate greed to maximize profits to the absolute extreme, then we can once again see 12-year-olds working in the coal mines; get rid of those profit-cutting safety standards; and welcome back the 60-80 hour work week.

When Adolph Hitler took power in Germany, one of his first acts was to eliminate unions. One-sided editorials now take his place.

Danny Mahurin

New Martinsville