Hefner Is Nothing But A Poor Loser

Editor, News-Register:

Aren’t you tired? I know your readers and I are tired of Mr. William Hefner of Palm City, Fla. Mr. Hefner is a poor loser. Ever since he lost his election bid in Wheeling, he has done nothing but complain. All he ever did in Wheeling was blow off steam to his coffee klatch buddies (who were glad to see him leave for the sunny south).

His raged letters to the editor over the years have been too much to bear, but when he picked on Denny Magruder he stepped over the line. His constant criticisms of our current administration just emphasizes his “poor loser” status. Our city officials may not be perfect, but who is. Their dedication and efforts have always centered on the good of the community. Dear Mr. Hefner, you are not even capable of carrying Denny Magruder’s shoes. However the intent of this letter is not to belittle Mr. Hefner as much as it is to ask our editor to please return mail from Palm City, Fla., back to Florida unopened.

Thank you.

Bernie Grubler