How Is the Medicaid Trust Fund This Bad?

Editor, News-Register:

Regarding 06/29/13 article “Medicaid Raided For W.Va. Budget”. What are the Charleston bandits up to now? $18M raided from the West Virginia Medicaid trust fund, for the general budget (deficit): more precisely, it probably means stolen.

Is that what the Medicaid Trust Fund is for? When in financial trouble, dip from the easiest larder? Given the questionable promises often proffered by Charleston, the $18 million will probably never be repaid. There will definitely be more raids in the future. Burgling the first time makes the second time that much easier.

In 10 or 20 years Charleston politicians will be using their crying towels, & informing West Virginia citizens that the state Medicaid program will be terminated in a few years, because the trust fund is short on money! Who elected some of these people?

We citizens usually end up getting exactly what we deserve, eventually!

James R. Wisialowski