Keep Gory Films Out

Editor, News-Register:

I am appalled at the suggestion of using our beautiful park in Bellaire for something as horrid as a “gore films fest.”

The descriptino of these movies from four different movie review guides: hard-core blood and gore, man-eating corpses, if you have a weak stomach, avoid this one. Rated R, gruesome, very violent, gory, graphic and shocking, violence, apocolyptic horror, hideously gory effects, shocking (and extremely gory) horror, flesh eaters.

To quote Pastor Bill Marinelli, “There is no good in this!”

What is the first thing people think when they hear “Bellaire?” Mutilaton, massacre?

With God’s help, we have survived this dark day.

Please do not let our park be disgraced with such putrid images. Some have described our park as “the Garden of Eden.”

As Bellaire prospers, may our park be a haven for only family-friendly activity and events.

Doug Potts