Leaders chiseling away at our liberty

Sen. Manchin,

You have made the statement:

“Unfortunately, the NRA leadership in Washington has lost its way and is more concerned about political power than gun rights and gun safety.”

As a representative of the government of this country I would expect that you would know better. Apparently, you like so many other misguided Americans believe the Second Amendment is nothing more than a “hobby” that American’s can do without.

You are so wrong!

You fail to see what so many of us here in your home state and countrymen across the nation see, your prospective is wrapped up in making “points” for yourself in the name of POLITICS.

You have forgotten over the years (our lifetime) of security and safety that our Second Amendment has been the foundation for that security.

But you, Senator, would rather chisel away the corners of the foundation of freedom, taking away the defined edges of the Second Amendment rock our country was built upon.

You, like so many in your camp are failing to recognize that without it’s defined corners the foundation will crumble and the entire country after it.

Sen. Manchin, you are the trickling water eroding at ground on which this foundation is laid. Many like you are ignoring the path you are making for the flood of devastating waters that will follow.

Samuel F. Elson

Glen Dale