Let’s Protect Everyone Equally

Editor, News-Register:

Question for the rationality of the Stand-Your-Ground law: In the United States of America, where all men are created “equal,” should Trayvon Martin have been justified in defending himself against someone who approached him? Why did he not have the right to walk to a small store, such as our 7-Eleven, to buy a snack and drink with the same right as any and every other person? Does the law mean that he had to be over 18? Does the law only protect on a racial basis? What gave Zimmerman the right to stand his ground? And not Trayvon?

I hope that citizens will consider the difficulty in determining whose ground should be protected when they are out of their own home and/or yard. It is unsettling for citizens who realize that this could have happened to them, could happen to their loved one. How would you feel if it had been a member of your family who was stopped and killed???

We seem to be more interested in laws and decisions that favor “me” or “my family” than about our fellow citizens. I hope that some legislation will change this situation so that ALL good citizens may be able to feel that we are protected equally.

Geneva Barrax