Manchin Right On Gun Laws

Editor, News Register:

Regarding the June 29 article “Beretta Says ‘No’ Over Joe,” I doubt Beretta has any plans or desires to relocate from Maryland to West Virginia; probably never did and probably never will. They’re just holding out the sledge hammer, turning the hornets loose, trying to pressure Senator Manchin into reversing his Gun Control Legislation “yes vote” cast in April.

Article didn’t state how Maryland senators voted in April. My guess is they must have voted “yes,” which Beretta considers bad. If they had voted “no,” which Beretta considers good, Beretta would not utter one word concerning possible relocation. It could anger the senators and cause one or both to switch their vote to “yes” next time.

Beretta has probably been in Maryland for 100-200 years. Why would they incur all the expense of relocating to West Virginia, probably have to pay employees early termination benefits, and then hire 400 new, untrained, employees in West Virginia? All for no benefit! Would they relocate just to get Senator Manchin’s vote changed? I really don’t think so!

The Beretta fairy tale implies they want out of Maryland because of some new, menacing, gun ownership laws. They find them objectionable, perverse, anti-capitalistic, anti-aportsmanlike, anti-American, and anti-racist. Furthermore, they dislike them! I don’t know why gun ownership laws should affect gun manufacture, but then I don’t have the savvy of a $20 million per year CEO. (Thank goodness!)

Poor Beretta! If a few minor gun ownership laws are all it takes to make them move from Maryland, I’d tell Beretta to pack their bags, get out of the U.S., and go to Siberia, China, Korea, or Tibet! What a bunch of crybabies. They’re probably chompin’ at the bit to manufacture fully automatic 200-round capacity rifles, for sale at clandestine gun shows in the U.S. Then big game hunters can shoot rabbits and squirrels, and protect their loved ones. I think Beretta may have been caught with their pants down this time!

They’re just playing games with Senator Manchin: There is no way they’d relocate to West Virginia simply because he happened to reverse his vote (which is very unlikely). Give me a break: You’re just another U.S. corp. attempting to dig holes for a politician while dumping the dirt on U.S. citizens. Let’s call a spade a spade and let Beretta rant, rave and threaten all they want. A little more obnoxious air pollution won’t do much harm.

I commend Senator Manchin for his perseverance on this matter.

James Wisialowski