Manchin Should Address These Issues

Editor, News-Register:

I would like to see Senator Joe Manchin speaking about Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, Obamacare, coal, jobs, the economy, our failing school system, etc.

I don’t know about all of your readers, but I am deeply troubled about the way this country is being run.

Hillary Clinton’s query about Benghazi: “At this point what does it really matter?”

If we have any interest in maintaining our integrity and stature in the world, it matters quite a bit.

And, about the immigration legislation? The Black Community will lose more than any group of workers if the Democrats start hauling in millions more foreign workers.

Get out of your jeans, Joe, and put your suit back on. Address the failures of Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration. Joe, No matter how many times you swing that gun around in the TV ads, West Virginians know you sold us “down the river” on guns and coal.

Alice Click

Mt. Alto, W.Va.