Many of Dr. Mercer’s Patients Feel ‘Blessed’

Editor, News-Register:

Regarding the letter in Sunday’s paper on June 23, “Compassion Lacking on Immunizations,” I, and many of Dr. William Mercer’s patients, must strongly disagree with the implication made by Mr. Bill Welker that Dr. Mercer is not a compassionate doctor. Although I have no first hand knowledge of the Nau case, I do have first-hand knowledge of Dr. Mercer’s practice.

Mr. Welker, who has a doctorate in reading, not in medicine, apparently does not know any of his patients, not just as a doctor, but as a man.

From all the word of mouth that I’ve heard, his patients feel blessed to be in his care. Additionally, his staff is equally as compassionate and caring.

My family and I have been patients for several decades and have had nothing but pleasant experiences.

Whenever my mother, or any other