Motorcyclists Should Wear Safety Helmets

Editor, News-Register:

I have been hearing so much talk about helmets for motorcycle riders.

What is the big problem about helmets? It’s a matter of life or death and a big hurt that one never gets over. So what is the problem? Comfort or a death or getting hurt so bad?

A fact of life is that every state should pass the law for helmets.

Personally I know of several young men who died because of no helmet. It’s sad, too, because someone or ones are losing a loved one or spending months or years helping and watching someone recover.

My son has a motorcycle and I think of him when he is out there in this mad world or that mad highway but he keeps telling me he is careful all the time and that is nice to know. The speed on the highway is a big factor, too. And so many people are inconsiderate when it comes to motorcycles.

Anyway, I have mentioned a few things the guys should think of when they start out there without a helmet. Their loved ones, their own safety and also the safety of others.

There are a wide variety of helmets. Many to choose from and they are hard to get used to for some, anyway. But please, just try for your own safety. Someone out there loves you and doesn’t want to see you get hurt. Wear the helmet whether it’s the law or not. And stay well and happy.

Betty Boyd