Please, Rescue Flag on Bridge

Editor, News-Register:

While traveling South on Main Street in the city of Benwood, West Virginia, you come to the end of Main Street. This takes you on 8th Street, Benwood. You must either turn right or turn left, because the former Wheeling Steel Building is on the entire length of 8th Street.

But that is not what I am writing about. When you are driving on 8th Street, you are also under the old Belliare Bridge that goes the length of 8th Street.

What I am writing about is as you look up on that dilapidate bridge, you can see where someone put an American Flag, draped on that rusted railing. It is not on a pole, but just lying there in all kinds of weather, 24 hours a day. In the winter, when the rains come it is freezing, in spring, it lies there soaking wet waiting for the sun to come up and dry it out.

The flag never complains because the flag is just doing its duty. I have observed this flag up there among all that rusted metal week after week. Now, the person who put that flag up there thought they were just doing their patriotic duty, but they were not. You see, there are rules governing the displaying the flag. First you never let the flag touch the ground, (in a sense that old rusted metal is the ground.) Secondly you never fly the flag in inclement weather. Third, if you fly the flag at night, you must have a light of some kind shining on the flag.

I was wondering if some veterans organization would kindly get permission from whomever and take that flag down and display it in a patriotic manner., so this flag can finally become a proud member of the community.

For goodness sake, someone, please rescue this flag and give it a decent home.

Jerry Morris Veteran

United States Air Force