Put on Lime Green Boots Occasionally

Editor, News-Register:

While on a weekend motorcycle trip, my wife and I were eating breakfast at a little diner in Elkins, W.Va., and a young couple walked in with two children. A little girl who looked to be around seven or eight years old, and a little boy who looked to be around four or five years old. We noticed the little boy was wearing a blue hat, a bright yellow rain jacket, white shirt, red shorts and lime green frog, rubber rain boots. My wife made a comment about how cute the kids were and about the little boy’s colorful outfit. The mother of the child, with a smile on her face replied, “Well, we make him wear what we want Sunday through Friday, so on Saturday we let him pick out what he wants to wear.”

We sat and talked a while with the young couple and their kids, and the whole time I was thinking, these parents are right. Sometimes “WE” should allow our selves to do the things “WE” want to do, not have to do. Not that they always make sense or please others. But as long as no one is getting hurt, and it puts a smile on your face then so what?

So as we are out in the world and we see someone who is dressed a little different or acts a little different, just remember sometimes we all need to put on our lime green frog rubber rain boots.

The incident is a true story, but what you learn from it; well, that is up to you.

Randy Berisford