School Board Ignored Wishes of Parents

Editor, News-Register:

Parents of high-achieving students know that educational foundations and academic curiosity start long before a child is dropped off at the schoolhouse each morning. These parents expect the schools to enhance and expand upon what these children already have been provided or from a more cynical viewpoint, just don’t screw it up. What Ohio County Schools did at the July 8 school board meeting was screw it up.

In what can only be described as an act of political hubris, the Board of Education did not just ignore the pleas of impassioned parents to keep in place a beloved, gifted and inspiring band director, the Board did so behind closed doors and without comment. I’d love to see a healthy debate, some explanation – heck, a single word as to why the administration choice was superior to the choice of the band parents. However, getting information from the school system has become increasing difficult with Ohio County Schools. Presumably board members are elected, in part, because the citizens value their opinion on tough decisions. The board’s silence on this issue spoke volumes.

As long as there are schools, these schools will have students, and these students will have parents. Ohio County Schools needs to learn how to embrace the reasoned opinion of its parents, not ignore, or worse, attempt to stifle it. The future of Ohio County Schools is in the homes, not at 2203 National Road.

David Delk