Taking A Walking Tour of Wheeling

Editor, News-Register:

Many years ago, a friend, Ted English, who never drove a car, wrote down a walking tour of downtown Wheeling. I would like to repeat it here, in his own words. Ted passed away years ago, but his overview of our town is much like a legacy. No mall could hold a candle to Wheeling at this period. At times, it may seem difficult to know exactly where he is identifying the shops and stores.


Even numbers side: WV Optical company (Dr. Downing and young Doc Downing), Peerless Dept. store, (Mr. Wren), Armstrong’s drugstore, Stone & Thomas (Sam Tomlinson, truck driver for years), Moskins, thirst confectionery (Frank and Alec Thirst, (best all time ice cream, later the Apollo confectionery), the Fort Henry restaurant (best in town Harry, combination sandwich a specialty.), G.W. Greigs (men’s downstairs, kids upstairs.), George M. Snook Co. (elevator and basement), The Bonton, Franzheims, L.S. Good, George R. Taylor (entrances on Main and Market streets), George E. Stifel, National Exchange Bank at 12th and Main, Locke Shoe Co, Clarke Paper company, J.T. Hutchinson’s, Rice Millinery, Palace Furniture, Zarnits grocery (Bill Veriske), Woodruff & Fred wholesale drugs, Hehnbrights Notions, Parlor restaurant (Mr. & Mrs. Sleime, one of first to have beer back).

11th Street: Pennsylvania Railroad station (Mr. Metcalf, ticket agent, excursions 1:50-3-7, Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago) Dischers Umbrella Shoppe, Wheeling Savings and Loan Co.

12th Street: Earle Rogers (auto accessories, Bosch radios), Shephard & Clouse sporting goods, The Antler (world’s best ham sandwich.), Perry Stationery (books by the 1,000s, Bobbsey Twins, Horatio Alger & Tom Swift series), Joe McConnells clothing (a step and a half from Market Street), Stollars Confectionery (deluxe fudge, taffies and all candies).

Water Street 12th to 14th: J.F. Miller stogies, Pollock stogies, Berry Supply Co, Stamm Hotel & Club Diamond again (George Mumley — MC), Moose Club, Wharf Boat (boats- Homer Smith, Verne Swain, Liberty and many more)

14th & Main to Creek Bridge:

Even numbers side: Gee Electric Company (pioneers in tri-state radio, supplies, sets and know how. Far ahead of any outfit in the area), Goodwin Drug company, Hicks & Hoges dry goods and notions, Bremer & Dudley, wholesale candy, Dulaney Motors, Ohio Valley Candy company, Danny Phillips Club Diamond upstairs (across street from Greer & Laing, Feeny Candy Co. Odd numbers side: John S. Naylor Co., Olmstead Paper Co., W.A.Wilson Co., Greer & Laing

Odd numbers side: Logan drug store (where downtowner motel is today, even had morphine here), Kaisers grocery (10th and Main, Mr. Kaiser and Florence Coleman clerks for years, annually Christmas tree headquarters, like walking through a Carolina pine forest, could smell that pine fragrance), Out the Pike Street Car waiting room (where the Capitol is today), The Fruit Stand next door, (by the alley, popcorn and peanut masters), The White Star Poolroom Garry Weiditz, Carl Weiditz, Jim Ayers, all those pool sharpies, world best 5 cent hot dogs and world’s best hamburger (10 cents), can’t you just see that brass topped bun steamer and Carl or Jim there, also Sam Reubens barber shop in the rear, The Princess Theatre, Weimers Meat Market, (Emil Stumpp,butcher), Shoe Hospital, M H & M Shoes, Alexanders, Books, Kennedy’s Hardware,

16th & South Street area: Wool Storage at 16th & Main, Union Storage, Salvation Army-South street, Woody’s Peanut & Coffee, Union News Co., B & O Hucksters, B & O Railroad station (ticket agency, newsstand, restrooms, excursions- Pittsburgh, Cleveland, New York, Chicago, Cinncinati), Liberty Theatre, (downstairs and balcony), Hoflmanss Restaurant, Colonial Theatre, (one of Feinlers.)

Odd numbers side continued: Front Hairdressers, Front Electric Co., Cottons, National Bank of WV, McCluskeys-oysters, Musee Bowling Alley (Jake, Ches, Hobby & Johnny), Goodwin Drug Co., Minority Publishing Co. (a labor paper), Fidelity Investments Co. (all those big shot fliers), Old Man Boury –13th at Main, Benny Gardells Billiard Supply, Commercial Bank(later B.W. Hicks Ad Co., Ohio Valley Drug Co., Yiller & Stein steel suppliers, Ellis & Helfer Candy(log cabin kisses, necco maple and vanilla creams, cinnamon cup, 1 cent mint patties, spearmint leaves, neapolitans,1 cent, two strips brown and middle white, chocolate covered orange crescents, yellow bananas, licorice straps with colored hard spots, sugar kisses wrapped with colored foil, Tootsie Rolls, Mary Janes, Butter Daisies and many more kinds)


Biery & Teufel (bean soup – 5 cents, roast beef or pork sandwich – 10 cents), Senate Cafe, Braunlichs Hardware, Banov Jewelry, Verse Hotel (colored), Bazleys Meat Market, Braunhaus Restaurant, Shephard & Clouse (again) Kenny Tea & Coffee Co., Market Auditorium (a shortcut going from 11th to 10th in rainy or cold weather), within — Adolphs Sausage (all-time best), Zoecklers Fine Meats, Henry Juergens & Link Cheese co, Lepresses Produce Double Stand, Riley Fruit Farm, Dave Frances Coffee & Peanut Butter, Elliot Commercial School(upstairs), Grandstaffs Butter & Eggs (Langs dad)

Market Auditorium Arena – A million memories! Wrestlers — Strangler Lewis, Frank Crotch, Waldlek Zybyzko & even Hun Butler. Thousands of fighters – Goo Stewart, The Williams, The Fords, The Ritzes, Greb, and many more. No announcer better than Jimmy Dyson! World Series on the lights board, Industrial league basketball, a million dancers & bands like- Coon, Sanders Kansas City Nighthawks, Bunny Berigan, Glenn Gray, Paul Whiteman, Fred Waring, Cab Calloway, Eddie Duchin and all the rest of the best (at a reasonable price).


Rau Drug Store, Sentlingers Bakery (window ovens), United Cigar Store, Beaters Meat Market, Plaza Theatre (Red Skelton one whole summer in burlesque, two shows a week) Bernhardts Clothes, Lyric Theatre, C.A. House Music, Merleys Clothes, Normans Clothes (hotel on alley corner where McCrorys is today), Eddie Seabright the Tailor, Shoe Shine Parlor (next to McFaddens) M & McFaddens (working men’s clothes, package wrappers, 6 feet and above) Citizens Mutual Bank (pool room and lunchette downstairs), Schenkies Meat Market (perhaps an all-time champion anywhere, Henry & Albert Doepken) Postal Telegram Co., Half Dollar Bank (at Walgreens corner today), Jane Grace Restaurant, Schultes Cigar Store, Coheres Cigar Store (tip boards by the thousands) Schmidts Pharmacy (terrific milk shakes, could always see Harry Clouses smile here), George Mumley & Lobbie Lobenstein (world’s best milkshake chocolate sundaes), United Woolen Mills, McLure Pool &Billiards (Les James, Tom Cummins, Phil Wood, Jule Pollock & 1,000 more), Allen & Hunter, Areys Cafeteria, Ackers small place/big place, Ranchers, Woolworths 5 & 10, Whelan Drug, Victoria. Shoe Shine Parlor, Newark Shoe Store.

Victoria Theatre (big time vaudeville & Don Lanning Stock Co.), Heiner Hardware, Nicolls Art Store, Joe McConnells & B.J. Neuhardts, Nay Shoes, C. Hess & Son, Sam Reubens Barber Shop, Lukens Money Box, Boltons, Wheeling Register, Buffalo Confectionary (later Hoge No. 9), Central Union Trust Bank, Loudenslagers Restaurant(best ever here, newsstand next door), Brinkmiers Studio, Rutters Pool Room, Royal Bar (and bookie joint)


House of Herman, Yale Restaurant (Mountaineer club in back), Auto Sales Co. (Willys Knights), Club Paddock, American Restaurant, Sears & Roebuck, Davis, Burkham & Tyler, Club Diamond (upstairs, best night spot ever here), Browne Brothers Tailors, Rex Theatre(pit orchestra, top movies), Chet Thompsons Hollywood Grill, Bills Steak House, Fort Henry pool Room & Restaurant (ad Lippert, How Combos, Bill Crow, later Nagems), Rex Beanery, Buddy Club, Little Club, The Preachers Golden Horseshoe Beer Joint, The Marble Inn, The Busy Bee Luncheonette, Hoge Davis No. 4 at 16th and Market, not to overlook Harry Weiditzs White Front Bar & Book, (Harry, Carl, Roy Collins & Jim Ayres and all the fine help, Harry was tops and so was his help, his food and his courtesy and integrity), Roof Garden Dance Spot, Greyhound Bus Station at 16th, Not to overlook great theatre shows at the Court (Jolson, Marx and many more), theVirginia(fine plays, fine movies & Wally Newbury)

Perhaps some of our most cherished memories are those of: hearing Jimmy Dyson announcing a championship fight thru a megaphone in front of the Register, or to hear a World Series game via that way and ticker. Two other fine thoughts come back, thinking of the World Series play by play board on 14th street and checking the football scores on the front window of the Register.

Many happy returns, gone forever!

Robert Hamilton