Time to show Joe Manchin the door

So the Obama administration is laying a smokescreen now to cover its many recent scandals – allowing four U.S. citizens to be murdered in Benghazi (the resulting delay and cover up likely helping him to get re-elected), despotic of targeting conservative groups by the IRS (that likely helped him win re-election), the NSA eavesdropping on most, if not all, U.S. citizens and the rest of the world, including our allies (could this have helped him to win re-election?) – by restarting its efforts to harm fossil fuel producing states via the EPA? And now D.C. Joe Manchin doesn’t believe as a U.S. senator he should have to fight for our state? My question: Isn’t that what the voting citizens of West Virginia sent him to Washington for?

I would make the same argument when presented with the fact that D.C. Joe’s amendment to the last gun control power-grab attempt from the U.S. Senate aimed at taking away my rights as guaranteed to me in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Why should I, as a law-abiding citizen, have to fight my state’s U.S. senator in order to keep my right to protect my family from lawbreakers, whether elected or not, when that’s exactly what we sent him there to do?

Joe, it’s oft repeated that “elections have consequences” and you should understand that your actions carry the same consequences. Your first act as a senator was to play hooky and skip out during the vote on Obamacare, then you acted to further gun control and now you want to make a public spectacle of yourself in the mainstream media to provide political cover for yourself in West Virginia? Hopefully, the good people of West Virginia are getting tired of your carrying water for Barack Obama and will show you out the door in the next election.

Bill Smith Jr.