Troubling Scenario Envisioned

Editor, News-Register:

Regarding the July 21 article “In A Way, Zimmerman Is Very Guilty.” Expert legal pundits laud and cheer the Zimmerman trial and verdict. The trial was 100 percent legal, correct, constitutional, objective, unbiased, thorough, fair, and non-racist. A truly magnificent example of American justice in action.

Well, I’m puzzled. If it was the epitome of American justice, why has it been the most heavily carried news item in the country since the verdict was announced? I have one lesser reason: It was a small version of the Orenthal James Simpson trial. A much more important reason is that it created a collective feeling of repressed guilt in American citizens. The general, widespread, impartial, feeling, is color blind with no racial overtones. It has much more to do with our “American System Of Justice” and the fact that sometimes we are not as smart as we think we are, on having all the bases covered.

I can envision someone mulling over the Zimmerman case and coming up with an idea on how they could perform a valuable community service. They would purchase a gun, purchase a used car, but not purchase a cell phone. Then, with gun on car seat, they would patrol city streets at night, on the lookout for a suspicious looking person.

When one is spotted, the patrol person, having no cell phone, can’t call 911. Instead, they must investigate the situation themselves. So, they park car, take gun, get out, and confront suspicious looking person in aggressive manner with gun in view, so suspect knows up front who’s boss. If they become nasty, belligerent, lose control, and start a physical altercation … make no mistake: self defense will rule the night!

James R. Wisialowski