Why do Democrats support terrorists in Syria?

The Sunni oil sheiks of Qatar, Riyadh and the Persian Gulf are the financiers and controllers of the various Wahhabi jihadist sects rife in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout the world.

The oil princes of the Persian Gulf have sent their “old men of the mountain” assassins to kill all Shia, Americans, Hindus and other kaffirs ever since Mogadishu, the USS Cole and 9-11.

Their goal is a one world Sunni Caliphate and eradication of all Shia-led nations, like Libya and soon, Iran.

America needs cheap oil and use of dollars as petro currency. These Muslim nobles also own much of our national debt.

These sheiks manipulate and control the indebted and bribed Western politicians and bureaucrats like President Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

One hundred percent of the military’s casualties and 90 percent of all terror in Africa, India and the rest of the world was committed by the jihadist monsters of the Sunni oil sheiks, yet our Democrats and EU liberals support these sheiks and their private armies, like al-Qaida, the Free Syrian Army and the Muslim Brotherhood.

But what do you expect of the Democratic Party, remembering that many of them, like John Kerry. also supported Ho Chi Minh during the Vietnam War?

Michael Guy

Cannonsburg, Pa.