Call it ‘Americare,’ Not ‘Obamacare’

Editor, News-Register:

If we Americans desire to have a universal Health Care Plan, then it should be named to reflect its intent, not to pay homage to an individual for all time because he held office as president of the U.S. at the time of its inception .

Mr. Barack Hussen Obama will soon be returning, along with the millions he reaped while president, to Chicago from whence he came after arriving to the U.S.A. from somewhere beyond the east coast.

It just isn’t reasonable that he should take with him the fame associated with an insurance plan created by the input of many others, to be a monument to his name .

A good plan for affording insurance for the multitude in need of it is, unquestionably, a great gift to the citizenry and thus, the name Americare is fitting, much more than Obamacare.

God bless America, our home.

William P. Valput Sr.