Get Involved! You Can Make a Big Difference

Editor, News-Register:

I am writing to invite everyone to get involved in our community and the democratic process. I have talked with many people throughout our community who do not believe allowing the proposed Greenhunter toxic, frack waste facility to open in our city limits is a good idea; however, they also feel it is a done deal and that the people of the community have no say.

What I say to that is – our government was set up to be run “for the people and by the people.” Our elected leaders are there to help attract new businesses and jobs, and they are also there to promote the safety and well being of everyone in our community. Jobs and money are important, and so is the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in our community.

Our Ohio Valley is already noted for pollution and high cancer rates. Do we really want to add more toxic businesses in a residential area? What good is money if we don’t have health and well-being?

I would like to invite everyone to come to our city council meetings on Tuesday, Sept. 3, at noon and again on Tuesday, Sept. 17, at 5:30 pm. It is important for all voices to be heard. Here is the link for elected city council members:

Please call or email your council person.

Consequently, the Wheeling Water Warriors have linked up with many concerned citizens all along the Ohio River to draw attention to the need for clean, safe water for all. Robin Mahonen spearheaded a huge endeavor, the Great Ohio River Relay, to help link up concerned citizens and draw attention to the need for clean, safe water.

The Great Ohio River Relay will kick off in Pittsburgh on Sept. 14. Relayers will walk, run, skate, bike or kayak different legs of the Ohio River while passing a baton all the way down river from Pittsburgh to Cairo, Ill. The relay will pass through Wheeling Sept. 15.

On Sunday, Sept. 15, there will be a rally starting near the walking trail on 28th Street in Warwood at 11am. Everyone is invited and encouraged to meet near the walking trail on 28th Street in Warwood to escort the relayers from N. 28th Street to Garden Park. It’s about 1.2 miles, so wear comfortable shoes.

At the N. 28th Street location, some nondenominational prayers will be offered with special intentions of clean, safe water and air, health and well being for all, and divine right decisions by our government and corporate leaders.

After the short prayer service, accompanied by local drummers, relayers and community members will walk from N. 28th Street south 1.2 miles to Garden Park for the Great Ohio River Awareness Rally.

Then, the event at Garden Park will start at approximately noon on Sunday, Sept. 15. There will be free music, speakers, and lots of information at Garden Park. Again, everyone in invited and encouraged to attend.

For more information, the Great Ohio River Relay website is The relay is also featured on

The Wheeling Water Warriors are on Facebook at

In closing, please get involved in helping to make our community better. It is easy to sit around and complain, but, to make a difference, we have got to get inspired and take action. Take time to listen to that still small voice within. The answers lie within each of us. Get inspired! You can make a difference!


Erin Bowers