Labor Unions Deserve Thanks From Worker

Editor, News-Register:

This Labor Day, we need to recognize and show our appreciation for all that labor unions have done for us.

If you don’t work 14 or 16 hours a day. If your child goes to school instead of working in a factory. If you have employer provided medical insurance. Have ever used the Family Medical Leave Act to care for a newborn. If you get sick leave, vacations, paid holidays. If you make a decent salary in a nonunion workplace. You owe that to unions. They set the standards for salaries, benefits and safe working conditions.

People died on picket lines and died to get the eight-hour workday. Some people say we don’t need unions anymore. We need them more than ever. Companies move our factories overseas because they can exploit poor people freely in other countries. And they would do it here if not for unions.

About 16 million American workers are union members. If you are not in a union, you have a right under federal law to form a union at work. Then you can bargain collectively, instead of begging to your employer as an individual.

So remember this labor day that labor unions have always fought to improve the lives of workers, because unions are working people. Have a safe and happy Labor Day!

Ben Lofton