Panel Right In Its Decision

Editor, News-Register:

I am writing to respond to the story that appeared in the July 22 Intelligencer and News Register entitled “Green Hunter: City Using Stall Tactic” by staff writer Casey Junkins.

I attended the Planning Commission meetings in both the months of June and July. At the conclusion of the June meeting, Green Hunter was given four items to complete by the July meeting. They came to the July meeting having completed only the first of the four items.

A vote was on the floor to table the site plan once again, when Mr. Jack asked if he could speak.

The chairman of the Planning Commission, Howard Monroe, allowed a change in standard procedure and allowed Mr. Jack to speak at length urging the commission to overlook this fact and approve the site plan in spite of the fact that three of the four items that the commission said must be completed by the July meeting were not.

Mr. Jack’s posture during the meeting, in my opinion, indicated that he felt his company was being unfairly treated by the Planning Commission. If anything, they were given extra consideration by allowing him to speak,

If any other business or individual came to the Planning Commission so ill prepared, they would not have been given approval to proceed. The Planning Commission rightly voted to table the project until the August meeting.

Robert C. Heyer