Playing Field Is Questioned

Editor, News-Register:

I do not understand Wheeling Central’s thinking. They are going to leave the best stadium in the entire area to play football games at Wheeling College. The Stadium has a great playing playing field, great seating, really great parking, nice score board, and handicap parking with an elevator to the first level of seating.

What does Wheeling College have? A regular field, some parking, some seating, no handicap seating. I just can not understand why a step or steps backward.

I have been attending games at the stadium since the 1940s. Lincoln played on Thursdays and Wheeling High, Central, Warwood or Triadelphia played the other nights. When I was young we used to climb the fence at the South End. A guard (or neighbor) would catch us tell us he was going to throw us out but let us go. I grew up on the North End of the Island called Belle Isle. We went to a couple of games a week.

I am now in a wheel chair so I will not be at any of the games at Wheeling College.

It sure seems to be a big step backward, not forward.

I am now 78 and moved four years ago to Martins Ferry.

Sorry Central.

Richard Song

Martins Ferry