Stance on Coal Is Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

Regarding the July 22 article “‘Coal War’ Is Global.” Rep McKinley does good work. Several months ago he declared a coal war on President Obama. He is expanding his sphere of influence and has declared a global coal war on, well, I guess the world.

Give someone a little power and … ! His ace in the hole is a ready made global coal war ally that’s raring to go whenever Rep. McKinley gives the OK: The World Coal Association! Did you know such an organization existed?

Part of Rep. McKinley’s difficulty in dealing with the world is he may have been born with a lump of West Virginia coal in his mouth, and since then has believed West Virginia coal is the only thing of importance in the world. He must not have been told Santa Claus no longer leaves lumps of coal for children at Christmas time.

I’ve noticed people who love coal also vehemently deny existence of global warming and climate change. Interesting how those two always go hand in hand. If coal lovers want to play ostrich, fine: It will not change reality. Back to that hand-in-hand match-up thing: I wonder if people who love and promote ownership of gold also vehemently deny existence of poor people?

Rep. McKinley may find it difficult to acknowledge, and impossible to comprehend, that many living humans actually believe coal combustion is bad for our atmosphere. Where they got such a cockamamie notion I do not know: maybe from those environmental propagandists. Unfortunately for Rep. McKinley, that cockamamie notion has spread rapidly, and even children have started to believe it, especially those who have asthma.

Concerning Rep. McKinley, when did he decide to take his ideology around the world and prevent nations from using non-coal forms of energy? Rep. McKinley is no more the representative of the world than we are the congress of the world.” He implies under-developed countries in need of electrical power have no vegetation for biomass power; no fast air currents for wind power and no sunshine for solar power. I wonder where these countries are located? He also implies, because the World Bank is tightening up on financing coal fired electric generating plants, they are also going to shut off financing completely for biomass, wind and solar electric generating facilities. Those are supposedly more expensive to build and operate, plus no one knows if they could even be built to work properly in such a place as an under-developed country!

Rep. McKinley better get his arsenal in order so he can pursue his global coal war. In the 1950s a global war was feared because of proliferation of nuclear bombs and nuclear weapons. Today it’s feared because of coal: That’s the price of progress!

James R. Wisialowski