YSS facility needs to be shut down immediately

If I am wrong, someone – anyone – please correct me.

A while ago, the folks at YSS told us there would be no violent people in the facility up the street from Madison school. We come to find now that a convicted first-degree murderer … with a gun has been there for months and no one knew?

The response of YSS is they don’t do background checks.

That’s just great. This goof has been here that long and that’s all they can say?

This is exactly why places like this should not be in populated areas and a block from a public school and it and all others like it should be closed immediately.

They put all of us, but mainly our kids, at risk – and that’s unacceptable. I don’t think the CEO of YSS would allow these stellar citizens to live nextdoor to himself or his grandchildren.

And on another note: A regular commentator to this paper feels we have no need to protect ourselves with firearms. How would he feel, if he lived on the Island right about now?

Ron Gibbons