By all means, America, keep voting Democrat

An insurance agency is rated by AM Best as to their ability to pay on claims. By law, the insurance companies must have a reserve. The U.S. government is $16 trillion in the hole. It can only pay, when and if it wants, with declining value inflated dollars – a currency whose value may not be acceptable to those who provide services and goods.

The onerous imposition of more rules, regulation and taxes upon the productive will cut employment, reduce tax revenues and force many people into two or three twenty-hour work weeks.

But the elite liberal lords of the Democratic Party and their higher echelon minions in the AFL-CIO, will have insurance fit for a feudal baron while we in the proletariat (including union members) will be forced to accept inferior service, with inferior quality, provided by the bureaucrats.

Those with great company or multiple employer health insurance benefits, will have their “Cadillac” insurance policies taxed at exorbitant rates while those who are forced to work and travel to two or more job sites – if they can even find them – will also be forced pay thousands in extra taxes for this mandated government benefit.

This law will also make it so costly for companies to hire. Many companies will downsize and many intended start-up companies will never materialize.

Other American companies, with the advent of another free trade treaty – the Pacific Free Trade treaty endorsed by the President – will be forced to re-locate overseas to stay competitive.

But the anti-capitalist Democrat elite will adopt Milton’s phrase from “Paradise Lost:” “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.”

So, keep voting Democrat until the whole world looks like Detroit.

Michael Guy

Canonsburg, Pa.