Don’t Defund ‘Obamacare’

Editor, News-Register:

Open letter to Congress:

Congressman McKinley, the budget and nation’s debt are a major concern of your constituency. And while we are most concerned, we ask that you proceed in a manner that does not hurt, limit, or constrict us. A shutdown of the federal government, or failure to pay obligations for which we (Congress authorized) have agreed to, is not an acceptable way to govern.

Please act, and encourage your contemporaries to act, in a responsible way. Defunding the Affordable Care Act should not be a consideration. It has been passed into law, upheld by the Supreme Court and voted on in a presidential election as the primary factor of consideration.

Listening to a few loud complainers does no one any good. If there are improvements to be made, recommend them. We all want it to work for the best. But the process of wrecking things to get your way is not an acceptable solution.

Steve Martino