GOP Obstructionism, Criticism Hypocritical

Editor, News-Register:

Since Republicans/Conservatives on the national level continue to appear unwilling or perhaps unable to even attempt to address the myriad of challenges currently facing our great nation, it has become quite obvious that they strategically, for directly political purposes, continue to emphasize obstructionism and distraction, making it immeasurably even more difficult for those who have truly placed the good of our country above partisan politics to ultimately succeed.

The downright and not at all subtle hypocrisity of Republicans to divert and distract the attention of American citizens away from their striking lack of productivity and leadership on areas of major import in order to fully focus their efforts to delegitimize the presidency of Barack Obama and the Democrats/Progressives who support him has been most troubling and destructive.

Following are but a very few more recent examples of the Republicans’ campaign of distraction and hypocrisity.

1. Republicans have and continue to severely criticize President Barack Obama for what they apparently believe to be his excessive taking of vacation days, but in comparison with his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush, who during a comparable time in his presidency had already spent 367 days on vacation, and Ronald Reagan, who for many conservatives remains the “gold standard” of U.S. presidents, had already taken 180 vacation days and when his work ethic was questioned stated: “It’s true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance?”

However, Republicans refused to criticize Bush, Reagan or any other Republican president for their “vacationing” or somewhat cavalier approach to the presidency.

For the record, thus far President Obama has been on vacation for 92 days, much fewer in comparison with his Republican counterparts.

2. Much of the current Affordable Health Care Act had been proposed several years ago by the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation and was strongly supported by prominent Republican party leaders (2012 Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney had implemented a very similar and quite successful health care program for the state of Massachusetts during his tenure as governor.)

However, since the recent National Affordable Care Act was proposed by President Obama and largely supported by Democratic lawmakers, Republicans continue to demagogue the new law in calling for its repeal and label it as “socialism.”

3. Republicans/Conservatives question the American citizenship of President Obama, who was born in the state of Hawaii and whose mother was a U.S. citizen, whereas there appears to be no such doubt about Republican Sen. “Ted” Cruz, who was actually born in a foreign country (Canada) to a Cuban father and whose mother happened to be a U.S. citizen.

Is it not now finally time for Republicans to focus on their work assignments and stop playing such hypocritical, nonsensical games?

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry