Intersection Is Dangerous

Editor, News-Register:

The no turn on red signs at Mt. Dechantal and Washington Ave. are craziness! Whoever decided it was a great idea to create an intersection to feed a bike trail, hospital, highway and college should be sent to the insane asylum.

Every afternoon there is an incredible amount of traffic flowing in six directions and nobody gives way to the cyclist, even when we have the light. Every time I ride my bike on Mount DeChantal heading west (coming from the Kroger Food Store) I usually am stopped by the traffic light. I have no problem stopping and waiting for the arrow to turn onto Washington Ave; however, impatient motorists on Mount DeChantal coming from the hospital turn in front of me even when I have the stop light.

Once I saw a woman in an SUV turn right in front of a dump truck. We need a no turn on red at that intersection before there is a major accident.

Jared Fontaine