Keep Frackwater Plant Out of Warwood

Editor, News-Register:

It appears that the people in Warwood do not want a frackwater processing plant in Warwood. From what I have read, the volume of trucks in and out of the plant would be 30 trucks per day or a staggering 900 trucks a month. That is a lot of fracking trucks. Some will pass school zones and school children waiting for the school bus.

I am sure any city or county government official including Frackwater Johnny Jack, VP at Green Hunter, would not want 900 trucks a month driving through their neighborhoods. Noise pollution, air pollution, traffic congestion, health issues, and declining property values are just a few of the negative issues related to the toxic waste treatment plant.

If you drive north on Route 2 to Beech Bottom, there is a Sheehan Pipeline Yard (at the Corrugating Plant) plus a staging area for frackwater trucks where the trucks are filled with river water, north of the Sheehan yard. The mud dragged out from trucks and equipment on to the road, Route 2, is horrible. The mud makes the road slippery when wet and dusty when the road is dry. The mud or dust gets all over the cars. A street sweeper that moves at 5 miles per hour is used to clean the road, which really slows down traffic. You can get stuck behind it for long time and it is very difficult to pass it. They seem to like to clean the road during rush hour. Recently, they hired two people that stop traffic on Route 2 to let the frackwater trucks in and out of the water filling station.

Frackwater Johnny Jack states that his 12 employees at the plant will wear radiation detectors at the frackwater treatment plant. That is scary enough! Will the surrounding neighbors just glow in the dark from the radiation?

Put a Taco Bell or a Dairy Queen into the proposed location instead of a toxic waste facility. This would serve the community much better with probably more than 12 employees.

Lincoln hoped in the Gettysburg address that “government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.” I encourage City Council to listen to the citizens and vote “no” to the proposal related to the toxic waste plant maintaining Lincoln’s hopes and ours.

Dr. Jim Kowalski