Let’s All Love One Another

Editor, News-Register:

We all (at least I think but not sure) believe that our country and world has definitely turned another page in its people’s lives. It definitely is not the right path to take simply because it is going to leave way too many people who want to make a living for their family left holding the bag. What has happened to home, family, children, Mom and Dad? It seems to be almost a thing of the past. Oh, I know, money is important and without it can’t do much for family, can we?

This situation we are in started years ago and greed crept in, took ahold, and it is just gobbling everything up in its path.

Oh, you say, we have made so much beauty in our country but where is the true beauty? It has separated us all and no one trusts anymore.

I spoke to a little child in the store one day and the mother moved away as though I was going to commit a crime. Is that love? I hardly think so. We have become so mistrustful of each other. We can blame all this on someone else but we are all in this big bucket and it’s slushing around mighty fast.

I do know home should become the true home again (if possible) and it will have to be a mind change and it will save so many of our youth and young children, and maybe even Mom and Dad, who loved one another at one time before divorce took over.

It’s my belief we are going to have to back up (how far you say) and start all over again with love. God’s love when we look at one another. That’s the start.

I know there could be jobs for everyone (or most) if someone would just start and let the money flow in the right direction. Someone can do that, I know, because it was done long ago before we got ourselves in this mess. Everyone can’t sit behind a desk and look at a computer. Factories with people working and many other ways for men to make a living. We used to have lots of work. It was stolen so let’s bring it back so we can live again. Time it will take but it can be done. And it sure is worth it.

Stop all this fighting, bickering and hate and think of what our wonderful United States of America needs.

You say, “what’s that?” Christ.

The Bible says to love one another as (I) have loved you.

Betty Boyd