Let’s Be Certain Local Children Are Kept Safe

Editor, News-Register:

Easy come, easy go, as they say. Unfortunately, we are not picking petals off of a flower anymore, and wishing will this guy like me or not.

In August, Shelton Cash, determined to be destructive, allegedly took the most important thing away from a 12-year-old girl.

Cash, having a criminal background, lived in the Youth Service System, about a block from Madison School, where kids always found it safe, to be their own crazy selves.

If our society was built to protect, serve and make sure their people were safe and secure, where was that little girl’s protection that night?

The question is why was no background check performed?

What really is the cost of saving the children on the Island?

There is no amount of money that could bring back what was taken from this little girl.

So Wheeling, let’s keep this from happening again to another child.

Vultures should be required to stay in the sky or behind bars. Let’s keep them there.

Terri Neeley