Obama Administration ‘Schoolyard Bullies’

Editor News-Register:

It seems that every time you open a newspaper or listen to the news, there is news of one scandal or another concerning the Obama Administration. And it seems that the mainstream news media can no longer cover up for this army of incompetent schoolyard bullies. How ironic that many of the Obama supporters are being thrown under the bus. Surprise, surprise. People are finding out that the vindictive “silver tongued” bully that some even went so far as to call the “messiah” is finally sinking to the bottom along with most of his bottom-feeding worshipers. When it comes to accountability these schoolyard bullies continually blame others (Bush, tea partiers, tapes, racism, etc). Based on his policies and the results thereof, if Mr. Obama were in the private sector he would have been fired long ago. It is embarrassing in its childish ignorance. It’s hard to understand how someone with the “wisdom and leadership abilities of Solomon” doesn’t seem to be in the loop when it comes to accountability. Were it not for the protection of the mainstream news media, this president would have been looking for another job long ago.

The plain truth is that this country won’t begin to heal until this party of radical incompetent is impeached, fired, or put behind bars where some of them would be if they were in the private sector. They have made us the laughing stock of the world. There are people in prison in Guantanamo Bay as enemies of the U.S.A. who have done less damage to this country than President Obama and the Democrats who were ignorant enough or self-centered enough to go off the cliff for him. Obarna calls the Fort Hood shootings “work place violence.”

Another irony is that the tea party people are gaining support as a result of the tactics of the IRS. What better time to completely overhaul and simplify the tax system in this country before 16,000 more IRS agents are employed as dictated by the Obama health care bill. Through simplification of the tax system would most likely cut one-third of the IRS (which is a Gestapo type of intimidating factor for liberals) and hopefully utilize the savings to hire more border agents. The only cuts in spending by this administration were the results of the Obama sequester bluff that blew up in his face and then he tried to deny that it was his idea.

They are now desperate to come up with a funding vehicle that they can utilize to buy votes in order to get control of the House of Representatives. They are still trying their best to sell global warming and a carbon tax on everything and everyone. If people don’t speak out in large numbers against the dictatorial policy of Obama and the EPA, the entire country has and will continue to pay a terrible price in jobs as well as energy prices. His policies are the equivalent of economic terrorism.

Another point that could be made is that much or most of the Obama health care bill is most likely what was written when Hillary Clinton pursued it behind closed doors during the Clinton Administration. They found out that things don’t work the same in Washington as they do in Arkansas.

Also, concerning Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi disaster, you didn’t hear the news media speak of the convenient disappearance of Mrs. Clinton for at least a month after the murders in Benghazi due to a “concussion” resulting from a fall on ice. What convenient timing to be able to get her defense together. If that seems callous, it has to be considered because you can’t believe anything this administration says. Nothing! She’s certainly keeping low profile these days. If she were in the private sector she would most likely be behind bars for the gross incompetence that caused the death of four Americans, yet she is the front runner for the Democratic presidential race for 2016. That says a lot for the Democratic Party and those who support Hillary Clinton. Wonder if she would have been so cavalier with the people who were in Benghazi if her daughter or other relatives had been among them. She stated later during a hearing that in effect it was no big deal. Obama calls Benghazi a phony scandal. There have been no phony scandals lately, only lies and cover-ups by the Obama Administration and the mainstream media.

The fact is that were it not for the twisted anti-capitalist policies of this president, we could have a booming economy at this point in time. Instead, we are in the worst recession since WWII. Three million people are out of work – a direct result of Obama’s signature piece of legislation (Obamacare). Instead of more hiring, people are getting their hours cut to fewer than 30 per week to get around Obamacare. Obama and his supporters continually whine that the upper 1-10 percent doesn’t pay enough taxes and blame them for the economic situation. They pay the lion’s share of taxes now and if they are taxed more, the job situation will only get worse. The middle class and minorities are being hammered big time. So much for Obama and Democrats looking out for them. If they continue to hammer employers with higher taxes and regulations, more of them will either go under or leave the country and take their jobs with them. Liberal logic doesn’t relate to this. It’s unbelievable how much our man-child thug of a president and the liberal Democrats who support him has degraded this country in less than five years. The people you hear say they are proud to be American are usually military personnel who are really being dumped on big time. This president and those supporting his twisted sense of values are systematically tearing down the moral fabric of this country and Christian beliefs. Regardless of what Obama says, we are a Christian nation. Anyone who believes the Bible knows that abortion, homosexuality, government forced contraception for the Catholic Church, etc., is a direct contradiction to the Bible and to the values of our founding fathers and the Constitution of our country. The sad part is that the Supreme Court is now forcing us to spend tax dollars in support of these beliefs. On average, when put on the ballot, these issues are consistently voted down by a large margin.

When we take our last breath, it won’t be Obama, liberals, or the Supreme Court that will pass judgment on us. This bunch of thugs and bottom feeders has hurt this country more than a president in history; and yet, most people are ignorant of what is happening.

The legacy of this president, if factual, will be that he and his administration were the most negative, corrupt, anti-Constitution, and incompetent in our history. By any intelligent measure, he wouldn’t have much less credibility if he had horns. So much for progress. As Rev. Wright (who Obama also threw under the bus) stated, “The chickens are coming home to roost.”

It’s about time! If we had leaders like Obama and the liberal democrats supporting him during the Revolutionary War we would be pledging allegiance to the Union Jack.

If people think this is an extreme viewpoint, tell it to the families of those killed in Benghazi. This president makes people ashamed of what we have become. He doesn’t love this country; and his policies, self-serving mindset, and anti-constitutional agend reflect it. He has never passed a mirror he didn’t like. He is a fraud and disgrace to the office he holds. If you care about your freedom and that of your children and grandchildren, speak out now before we have to pay a price that will bring violence and bloodshed.

Roy Schnegg