Obama Hypocritical In Using Children

Editor, News-Register:

I have to laugh! Have you noticed how often President Obama uses children when he thinks it can advance his radical policies? A prime example is when he implies that massive numbers of children will go to bed hungry if the expanded “food stamp” program is curtailed.

Also, children will not receive adequate medical care if Obamacare is not implemented. He also wants us to believe that our children will continue to suffer if we don’t allocate more money to improve our educational programs. Even though, we spend more educational money per child than any country in the world (except for Switzerland).

His most recent example of using children to persuade Congress and the American people that military action against Syria is necessary because chemical weapons are being used to kill Syrian children.

My question to President Obama: Why is he concerned about Syrian children when he advocates and supports abortion that results in the horrible death of millions of American children.

What a hypocrite!

Bob Guio