Open letter to city on Windsor Manor plan

The following note was sent via email to the members of the Wheeling City Council concerning the Windsor Manor’s proposed borrowing, which I think is greatly flawed as a concept, and one that I think the general public should be acutely aware.

Dear Council Members:

Regarding the matter of the Windsor Manor bond, I implore you not to be intimidated by the city manager and mayor and allow them to use the good name of the people of the city of Wheeling to allow a private enterprise to use the city’s name for the company’s borrowing.

Surely if this purchase and renovation is such a sound investment for the borrower, Cleveland-based Great Lakes Investment Partners, the building, the borrower, and an assignment of rents should be more than adequate for the money to be borrowed on the open market.

There is absolutely no comparison between this proposal and the earlier example of the Wheeling Parks Commission borrowing, and don’t allow yourselves to be lead to believe otherwise.

William H. Hefner

Palm City, Fla., formerly of Wheeling