Thanks to Support, Dog Park Will Be a Reality

Editor, News-Register:

On behalf of the Wheeling Dog Park Association, I would like to thank the residents (and ex-pats) of the Ohio Valley for their unwavering support during the PetSafe Bark For Your Park campaign. Bark For Your Park was a tiresome online voting campaign, but our faithful friends never gave up voting each and every day and in the end our community wound up winners. Wheeling finished third in overall voting and did so in come-from-behind fashion due to the dedication of our friends throughout the Valley and around the world. We heard from Ohio Valley ex-pats and friends in more than a dozen states and several countries who were casting votes for Wheeling.

As a result, the Dog Park Association won $25,000 to help build a park for our furry companions so they may run and play off-leash in a safe and friendly environment.

What started as me and a Facebook page on a cold December evening quickly grew into a committee of a dozen dog owners (and even a few cat owners who simply love the idea). The PetSafe Campaign, however, transformed our small group into a movement, several thousand Ohio Valley friends who want to see our community exceed expectations. The dog park will be a wonderful addition to our outstanding park system and will create an amenity that has become an expectation in well-rounded 21st century communities.

We thank the Wheeling newspapers and the editorial staff for your support and weekly coverage during the campaign. Rest assured we will see this project through to completion and in the near future Ohio Valley dogs will have their day in the sun – off-leash!

Jeremy S. Morris, chairman

Wheeling Dog Park Association