Want to Know Who To Trust? Here’s List

Editor, News-Register:

There are some things we can trust:

Consumer Reports. This magazine always tells me the truth about what products are the best and worse.

Government. They almost always do the right thing. Every time I go to the city/county building, they are very helpful. I’m always surprised at the level of assistance I receive.

Ohio County Schools. Again, they always try to do the right thing. I appreciate this place. They will take good care of everything. It’s a great place for your kids.

The Ohio County Library. This is such a nice pleasant place. We can read our favorite books and magazines anytime. I was shocked one time when the busy lady recognized me as I walked in and told me that they had my book on reserve for me. Not bad.

Your mother. Not too long ago, I had a major health problem. And who would volunteer to help me? My 84-year-old mother. Good grief. That poor lady volunteered. You can usually trust your mother, no matter how old she is. And no matter how old you are.

Your bank. I deal with a Wheeling bank and they always take care of things. They even pay my bills for me automatically. I bet most banks to their best.

My car dealer. I have a Corolla and they have always taken care of things. I didn’t expect this from a car dealer.

The newspaper. They safeguard our freedom of speech. I feel sorry for countries that do not have a free press. This includes TV stations too, of course. (Except for one national channel.)

My doctor. I go there when I have a problem and they are always glad to help. don’t even need to make an appointment. I just walk in and sign in.

I guess for most things I should add “99 percent of the time.” It’s hard to be perfect – even for me.

Roger L. Tschappatt