Wheeling police are some of the best

I’m constantly surprised at the things the Wheeling cops do. I hear about a crime I find myself thinking that the culprits will never be caught then a few days later, it’s on news that two of the culprits have been caught and the cops are still looking for a third I just don’t know how the cops figure all of this stuff out. Amazing.

Years ago, a teacher told me that she had told her son to always assume that a camera was pointed at him, even though he didn’t see it. One of the smartest pieces of advice that I’ve ever heard. Cops know what they’re doing, even though we don’t.

By the way, I was sorry to hear that Officer Braden and Officer Thorngate had retired. These were two good guys. I hope they have a great retirement. Both guys used to come to school to talk to the kids and help educate them a little.

I bet we have a lot more great cops that I just don’t know about.

Roger L. Tschappatt