Angel Named Pam Helped After Fall

Editor, News-Register:

On Friday, Sept. 20th, my 85-year-old mother fell in front of Miklas Meat Market and was wedged under two parked cars. In severe pain she yelled, “Help me” and an angel named Pam came to her rescue. You stayed with her until she was freed by the paramedics and transported to Wheeling Hospital.

My mother has two broken hips, a fractured femur and cracked ankle. She had surgery and is now recuperating at Bishop Hodges Continuous Care.

She has asked me to try and find you. We would love to thank you in person for your kindness, especially in a day when people don’t want to get involved.

There are no words to express our sincere thanks for helping our mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Her name is Florence Evans and we will never forget your kindness.

God bless you, Pam.

Leslie Evans Morris