Climate Change Reality Being Denied by Some

Editor, News-Register:

The anti-climate-change people have a major problem: they have practically no science to back up their statements, claims, and negative remarks about the IPCC Report. They also have not had large numbers of people actively collecting data from around the world for the last 5-10 years in all applicable disciplines. They use seat-of-the-pants expertise and self-serving personal opinions, which do not provide much validity nowadays.

Their science comes from what is overheard walking along the street, in restaurants, lounges, and assorted stores, talking to those having similar opinions or reading their articles, and from a 2 a.m. good-ole-boy radio talk show originating in Antelope, Montana.

They feel the thousands of people who collected data and the 250 scientists who analyzed it plus wrote final IPCC Report, was a massive conspiracy. Boy, that’s a first-class conspiracy! Climate changers were probably paid “under the table” by so-called Ecofriendly energy research and development companies.

The anti-climate-change “experts” are convinced the conspiracy is aimed directly at coal. And it’s common knowledge that everyone in the U.S. picks on coal. Little do those climate changers realize that coal will be the world’s energy salvation for centuries to come, no matter what technological developments are made in the energy arena. The world cannot possibly survive without coal, and don’t you forget it! I’m not sure where we’d be if coal did not exist.

If average global temperature were to increase 4 degrees, average ocean surface temperature increase 2 degrees, and average ocean level increase 3 feet, anti-climatechangers would say it was obviously due to incorrect data gathering, altering of data, faulty data analysis, or all three. When all else fails, they would say it’s just another one of those natural periodic cycles the Earth goes through. In any case, no need to worry: us seat-of-the-pants “experts” have things under our total control!

Whatever represents the truth in this matter will remain the truth, no matter who says what about anything related to it. In similar fashion, whatever is going to happen, is going to happen, within constraints of the conditions in which it has to enfold.

James R. Wisialowski