House Republicans Blasted Over Shutdown

Editor, News-Register:

I received an e-mail from Congressman McKinley dated Oct. 1. I am forced to once again laugh at the feeble attempt to make the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party look reasonable and sane. That is not possible.

Once again, the twisting of the facts coming out of his office in an attempt to make the horrible things that they are party to look palatable to those less informed. Reprehensive McKinley states in his opening salvo that the House Republicans are trying to keep the government open.

Really? OK, congressman, I have an idea for you. It is simple. Take out the demand that the Affordable Care Act be postponed and defunded. Make the budget be a clean bill and behold, the government is funded. There it is simple, sweet and would be passed in a heartbeat.

But it won’t happen. The Republican Party has made their mark in the sand. The Affordable Care Act is bad!! OK, dude, I get it. You, the minority wing of the Republican Party, don’t like health care for all. You want things like they were so your corporate health care masters can keep raking in money (up to 30 percent) for doing nothing but cutting a check to the providers of health care. It is a good plan for them, not so much for the rest of us.

You want to recap? OK, let’s indeed recap, but this time with some provable facts.

The House did pass the bill to fund the government and also get rid of health care. Everyone knew it was dead on delivery at the Senate. Why? It was because the Senate overwhelmingly rejected it. As you stated, it is a Democratically controlled Senate. It will never pass as sent from the House. So after restoring the funds for health care back into the budget, Sen. Reed sent the amended bill back to the House.

Of course they said no negotiations – what is there to negotiate about? Historically, these negotiations about shutting down government are over funding limits. Republicans want to lower spending on an item and the Democrats want to rise the spending. They want $8 and we want $10, so we compromise at $9. That is compromising. Your side is not compromising, they are extorting. They come to the table with a gun to our head and say let’s compromise and here is the deal, you either give us what we want or else. Ignoring the fact that it is a law passed in both chambers, ignoring the fact that it was appealed to the Supreme Court and declared by the court that it was legal, ignoring the fact that in the last election the Republican Party’s presidential hopeful ran on getting rid of the Affordable Care Act and he was handily defeated to the tune of 500,000 votes, that indicates the people want this coverage; ignoring that your House leadership has brought up a vote to overturn ACA 41 times and lost – ignoring all that, you still insist that it is reasonable to think that the Senate and the president might say, “Sure, let’s get rid of this bill by not funding it.” And you think it is reasonable to use these types of games at the cost of people’s jobs and the country’s fragile economy.

Really? What are you willing to negotiate? What are you bringing to the table? What I see you offering is that you will pass a budget if the president gets rid of the Affordable Care Act. Am I close? The way I see this is that at my last reading of the Constitution, it is your job to pass a budget. By not passing it, you are making our people vulnerable to a whole stack of problems. I think you have gone against your oath by not upholding the Constitution and putting Americans in danger. I think you are a horrible person with no compassion for the struggling Americans out there trying to just eat and be healthy. We are not asking for a Lincoln in every one’s garage, just food, work, health insurance. You know, the basics to live a productive life.

You sound almost sincere saying the objective is to prevent the horrible things mentioned: higher health care costs, fewer jobs, and lower take-home pay and fewer hours. How noble of you; how caring. You should be happy to know that in the states that have implemented it and done so with an eye to making it work, the law has lowered the cost of insurance. So, point one is another falsehood. Studies have also shown that in the job loss is at a minimum. Only those wanting to downsize the staffs or just need an excuse to fire someone have used the implementation of ACA as the excuse. I have a friend that told of her 70’s-plus father being laid off because of the health coverage. That was back in January. How did that work when the plan didn’t go into effect till 2014? Sounds like it was an excuse to fire an older worker and not be blamed.

Point two is another misleading falsehood. Your concern over lower take home pay is laudable. I think if you look at the structure of payment charts the vast number of people will see no difference. Unless you are making enough money to afford the insurance and refuse to buy it you will see a charge on your income tax forms. (The good news is that there is no way for them to collect it.)

Point three is also a falsehood. By the way, these points have all been discredited for years now. You can indeed dig through the country and find the few exceptions but that is going to be rare and most likely in a state ran by a Republican governor and legislature. Go check it out.

In my last published op-ed, I called for Mr. McKinley to be voted out of office. He has already done too much damage to the citizens of West Virginia and to the nation. This man must be voted out. Let’s get to work out there and make it happen. We have a little over a year to do it.

Thomas M. Stalnaker

Glen Dale