Justice Missing Under Obama Administration

Editor, News-Register:


Your printed article by Michelle Malkin, entitled “911 Justice Delayed Too Long,” hit me between the eyes, so to speak.

To me, “justice” is the willingness to respond to a crime and render a justifiable decision as quickly as possible.

President Obama and the judicial system in America have failed the people who lost their lives in wars over the past 10 years, plus those of Sept. 11, 2001, who perished by terrorists killing 2,700 people in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D. C., besides the cost of millions of dollars in airplanes, the destruction of two tremendous buildings, the welfare of families of policemen and firemen.

Did these people die in vain” Where’s the justice?

Under Obama, these terrorists are thriving in prisons with good costly American food, TV, laptops, etc. for the past 12 years. Is this justice? The same has happened with the terrorists of Guantanamo Bay, with a few even given release by the Obama administration. Is this justice?

A few years ago, to take someone’s life, the criminal expected to be executed. To take up arms against a country, a criminal was expected to be denied his citizenship or executed. Today, according to the Obama Administration, illegal aliens are to be given free citizenship, health care and Social Security without working for it. Instead of “freebees,” put them to work, provide them jobs.

The Muslim world of Asia offers little peace for their own people – offering them death by chemicals, which is not exactly determined as to who caused the killing of 400, and the killing of 4,000 or more of their own – for what reason? Every day the news reports people killed by car bombs. Is this justice?

Then Obamacare put the American people in debt for $7.5 trillion. Is this justice?

Obamacare and war are not justifiable reasons to tax the American people, whose ancestors came to this country to establish a constitution to safeguard against taxation. To be a justifiable American, no matter your nationality, means an individual should have to work and speak English. To do this requires a concentrated system of reputable support by our leaders that has been a proven system of identifying migrants in the past. Put the people to work; our infrastructures are falling apart.

Politicians are taking away the means to rebuild them.

America should use all its available minerals, including coal; all are energy to support the welfare of the people – not ship it all overseas as the Dominion natural gas industry has committed recently and that the coal industry has done for years. I don’t really know if the government receives any monetary exchange. Is this justifiable for U.S. citizens, who built this country?

Is it justifiable for trillions of dollars to be spent to preserve the governments of other countries? When our jobs have been taken away by companies that made their billions off the American people without contributing much return from imports -this is poor accounting. Is this justice?

Create jobs and the people will have more dignity and respect for government and themselves. Then most will not be on welfare or need Obamacare. Our justice system would not be overrun with court cases

Since Obama became president in 2008, our food, utilities and transportation expenses have doubled and some things have tripled in cost. Two more years of this!!!!!!!!!!

Under Obama is justice possible in America? Think about it! Do we need a Muslim president to react like they do in Syria and Iraq? Do we deserve justice when our politicians do not protect our constitution from Obama? Justice?

Robert W. Thomas