Not Everyone Was Evacuated From Kent

Editor, News-Register:

I was disturbed by reports that the residents of Kent, near Natrium (location of Blue River gas processing facility) had been evacuated during the fire emergency on Sept. 21.

Not everyone in Kent was evacuated, nor did we know what was going on until much later in the morning. By that time, the fire was out. I agree with our neighbor Delbert Wade that there needs to be some sort of alarm or notification system. Axiall (former PPG plant) has been a good neighbor in that respect with their warning system. We would hope that the folks at the gas plant would become good neighbors too.

We may not be as close to the plant as our neighbors to the south, but we have found burned insulation littering our property. I am glad it was not flaming debris. I shudder to think what may have happened had it been so.

Also, I take issue with the fact that “the 25 residents of Kent” were met with. Um – I don’t think so. No one came up our way until Mrs. Tricia Joy called to ask if the insulation that fell would be toxic to the fish in her pond. Better check your map of our neighborhood!

My husband and I have never entertained the idea of leaving, as we have recently upgraded systems in our home at considerable expense. We like it here because our neighbors are great. I would hope that Blue Racer Midstream will become a good and safe neighbor as well.

Karen A Knowlton

Kent Addition, Proctor