Republican Leaders Are at All-Time Low

Editor, News-Register:

Is it not becoming increasingly more apparent that Republican/conservative lawmakers, particularly on the national level, have adopted a strategy to vehemently oppose any and all initiatives proposed by President Barack Obama and his Democratic/progressive supporters without regard to what effect their actions and inactions are having on efforts by those who rightfully continue to put “America first,” by placing partisan politics over our great nation’s long-term ultimate good?

The general persona and orchestrated negativism toward government and the lawmaking process itself, by Republicans/conservatives of late seems more akin to the approach espoused by the conservative media entertainment elite (Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, who, for the sake of personal ratings, promote negativity and “controversy” at every turn. Apparently it is much easier to simply demagogue an issue and degenerate into verbally assassinating the personal character of those with whom they disagree, without ever debating the issues and respectfully addressing/ confronting those with whom they disagree.

Such an approach, while apparently good for ratings, sadly exhibits a lack of civility and maturity and normally would not be acceptable behavior exhibited by adults in positions of great responsibility and authority.

Republicans/conservatives seem to be motivated to attempt to demonize President Obama and Democratic party leaders, such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

This is by Republican Congressional leadership which consists of John Boehner, who had been described by former area Republican congressman Bob Ney in his book, “Sideswiped” as “a chain-smoking, relentless wine drinker, who was more interested in the high life – golf, cigarettes, fun and alcohol,” Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell who stated soon after President Obama’s election that it was his and the Republicans’ primary responsibility to see that “Obama is a one-term President” (How did that turn out?), Eric Cantor, and newly self-anointed Republican demagogue spokesman Senator Ted Cruz, who seems to be determined to become the “re-emergence” of the late disgraced former senator Joseph ( “Tail-Gunner Joe”) McCarthy, who also utilized such shameless tactics.

Does it not appear that Republican leadership may well be at an all-time low? Currently, an example of the rank hypocrisy of congressional Republicans is their expressed “serious” reluctance to raise the nation’s debt ceiling in order to pay bills they may have been instrumental in incurring, which they voiced no objection in doing under the presidency of Republican/conservative icon, Ronald Reagan, when our nation’s debt ceiling was raised no fewer than 17 times while he was in the White House.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry